KVAR Capacitor

Falcon Capacitor is one of the well-known KVAR Capacitor manufacturers offering premium range of capacitor to support electrical systems. These capacitors are highly utilized in commercial sectors and industrial units for maintaining stable voltage by offering reactive powers. We are working in this industry since 25 years and have become expert in fabricating assorted range of capacitors. All the capacitors manufactured by us including KVAR capacitors are known to offer excellent performance.

KVAR Capacitors are one of the small components used in an electrical system. But they play an important role when it comes to voltage stabilization or power factor correction. That is why we at Falcon Capacitor ensure that we manufacture them precisely to utilize them in a wide range of applications. We are known for using premium range of components when manufacturing these capacitors. Be it the resistors or terminals, electrodes or the dielectric material used in them; they are all sourced from reputed suppliers which guarantees their excellent performance. At present, we have captured both Indian as well as UAE market by supplying exceptional performing KVAR capacitors. The quality and efficiency of these KVAR capacitors have made us one of the prominent KVAR capacitor manufacturers in India.



Capacitance Range

.68Mfd to 4Mfd

Capacitance Tolerance

±5% and ±10%

Rated Voltage

250V AC,400V AC 440V AC&600V AC

Dissipation Factor

0.001 Max.Typical Value 0.0005 at 1Khz

Test Voltage

2xRated Voltage

Storage Temp

-25°C to +85°C

We have incorporated a wide variety of features in these capacitors making them work well for long duration. As KVAR capacitors are used for several electrical applications in industries and commercial sectors, they do vary in configuration. We have KVAR capacitors with varying voltage and temperature rating to match the expectations of our customers. Being one of the reputed KVAR capacitor manufacturers, we also guide our customers to buy KVAR capacitors according to the operating voltage of their electrical system to ensure proper functioning. Our professionals focus on both the construction as well as the technicalities of the capacitors to deliver complete satisfaction to customers. We have designed KVAR Capacitors that are easy to install in different electrical systems. For precisely matching the requirement shared by different customers, we have designed and manufactured KVAR Capacitors with different tolerance level.


We at Falcon Capacitor are one of the ISO verified capacitor manufacturers offering highly efficient KVAR Capacitors. We have dedicated testing units that help us produce KVAR capacitors according to the required quality. We are known for our strict compliance to international quality and safety standards to deliver the best capacitors. Being one of the leading KVAR Capacitor manufacturers in India, we are offering capacitors in bulk quantity and at affordable prices.