Motor Capacitor

FALCON has over 25 years of involvement with assembling capacitors for Fan applications. FALCON Fan Capacitors are generally known for their dependability and predictable execution. They are the best option of the best fan makers in India and abroad. Throughout the long term, FALCON has ceaselessly designed and improved the capacitors to make them 100% solid and durable. FALCON capacitors guarantee that the fan speed is kept up reliable for the duration of its life, therefore securing customer sureness through purchaser dedication. Our top tier delivering line and serious quality control systems ensure 100% reliability.



Capacitance Range

2Mfd to 72Mfd

Capacitance Tolerance

±5% and ±10%

Rated Voltage

250V AC,400V AC 440V AC&600V AC

Dissipation Factor

0.001 Max.Typical Value 0.0005 at 1Khz

Test Voltage

2xRated Voltage

Storage Temp

-25°C to +85°C