Electrolytic Motorstart Capacitor


Electrolytic Motorstart Capacitors from Falcon Capacitors are built to last. Used for motor starting torque and allows a motor to be continuously cycled on and off rapidly, start capacitors from Falcon Capacitors do their job excellently. Start capacitors remain in the circuit to bring the motor to a predecided speed.


Capacitance Range

20 to 300 Mfd


Temperature Range

-30 °C/+70°C


Rated Voltage Range



Surge Voltage Range



Power Factor

8% Max at 50 Cycle/Sec. and Rated Voltage


Duty Cycle

20 Start per hour max. Each start not more than 3 seconds


Insulation Voltage

With Stand minimum 2000V/3 Min. between terminal-to-Case


Shelf Life

One Year