Fluorescent & Discharge Lamp Capacitor

FALCON has over 25 years of involvement with assembling capacitors for Lighting applications. Throughout the long-term FALCON has constantly designed capacitors which are 100% dependable and enduring. Our best in class producing line and severe quality control frameworks guarantee 100% dependability. FALCON capacitors offer a high dependability and working life needed in the lighting applications. We offer a wide scope of lighting capacitors for different applications, for example, HID Lighting Ballast and so forth. The entirety of the above are intended to have a base capacitance droppage and least disappointment rate. FALCON Lighting Capacitors are utilized by driving Lamp Ballast Manufacturers the whole way across the world.

Capacitance Range
3.00 MFD to 42 MFD
Capacitance Tolerance
Rated Voltage
250V AC
Dissipation Factor
0.001 Max.Typical Value 0.0005 at 1Khz
Test Voltage
2xRated Voltage
Storage Temp
-10°C to +85°C

Falcon Capacitor offers a wide range of lighting capacitors. Each capacitor is 100% premium and manufactured with the latest technology by experts. With high dependability and durability, they perfectly fulfill the requirements of lighting applications.